If you’re ready to #tinify your life and right-size your home, you’re in the right place.

only $25

a single call can change your life

tinify: the act of simplifying your life.

Remove excess “stuff” from your life, including your calendar, home, and relationships.

Learn money-saving tips that will finally help you budget for your lifestyle.

Reduce stress by simplifying your daily routine and eliminating unnecessary commitments.

Enjoy more “me time” and discover how to achieve inner peace.

Stress reduction is scientifically proven to help you get better sleep every night and improve your overall health.

Our coaches are here to see you to a successful end. We’re in this together.

#tinify so you can focus on

#Tinifiy your life today

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Answers to your questions

what should I expect on our call?

To start, we’ll go over some basic getting-to-know-you questions and suggest small yet simple ways to get started on your journey to #Tinify your life.

From there, your coach will customize your experience based on your needs.

what happens after the call?

Once our call is complete, you’ll probably have a few small tasks to try out and report back about. From there, it’s up to you if you’d like to continue coaching or not.

what if I have to cancel my call?

We understand life happens and that’s okay!

If you need to cancel, you have two options: reschedule or cancel completely.

Simply email hello@tinylifecoaching.com with your name, email, phone, and scheduled time to cancel.

Any cancellations done less than 48-hours before your scheduled time are not refunded.

What is your refund policy?

If you need to cancel your call, we offer refunds to all cancellations over 48-hours before the scheduled call time.

If you cancel less than 48-hours before your scheduled call, you can either forward your payment to a new date (up to 2 times) or forfeit payment.

Remember it still takes time for us to prepare for a coaching session with you, so we must be strict on this policy.

We do not offer refunds after a session. But we do stand by our promise of value. Email hello@tinylifecoaching.com if you’re unsatisfied with your session or coach and we’ll try to resolve it as best we can.

At Tiny Life Coaching, we believe in simplifying and minimizing our lives – both physically and mentally. Reducing this clutter can help us see the path before us, creating clarity and confidence that wasn’t there previously.

No matter which stage of life you’re in, sometimes a coach can support you in various ways – from decision-making processes like downsizing all the way to ways to improve your mental health.